Ronald Nhondova
First Name: Ronald
Last Name: Nhondova
Graduation Year: 2021
Country: Zimbabwe
Education: University of Cape Town


I chose MIDS because of the intimate class size enabling faculty members to have a personalized focus on each student. The program's rigor and interdisciplinary nature prepares students to work in teams with experts in different fields, setting it apart from the other leading programs. 

What excites you about data science?

As an Actuarial professional, data science introduces a fascinating dimension to traditional corporate decision-making, particularly in view of the capacity of machine learning algorithms to deal with large volumes of data.

What research area are you most interested in?

I’m interested in the application of data science and machine learning algorithms to financial services in particular investments and insurance.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love teaching and spend much of my free time tutoring high school and university students in mathematics and statistics.

What is one interesting fact about you?

I started out studying medicine and did so for one year. I realized I was more passionate about mathematics than I was about medicine (slightly spurred by my fear of blood) and pursued a different path.