Summary of Degree Requirements

The MIDS program requires 42 credits for successful completion: 30 credit hours of IDS graduate coursework, at least 12 elective credits. MIDS students are also required to complete a summer internship between their first and second academic years.

The official MS degree after successful completion of the program will say “MS in Interdisciplinary Data Science.”

Detailed Degree Requirements

Core courses

  • Data Engineering Systems (IDS 706)
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (IDS 703)
  • Modeling and Representation of Data (IDS 702)
  • Unifying Data Science (IDS 701)
  • Principles of Machine Learning (IDS 705)
  • Data Ethics (IDS 704)
  • Data Logic, Visualization, and Storytelling (IDS 707)
  • Data Science Dialogues (IDS 791)
  • MIDS Workshop (IDS 898)
  • Capstone Project (IDS 798)

Elective Requirements

MIDS Students must enroll in and receive credit for 12 additional credit hours of MIDS-related electives. Popular electives include those from the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Mathematics, Statistics, Energy and Public Policy departments. Once enrolled, the MIDS Assistant Director will go over your options with you. While 12 credits (or four elective classes) is required, MIDS students are able to take up to six (6) electives total.

Summer Internship

MIDS requires an internship for successful degree completion for both foreign and domestic students. Students enrolled full-time in the MIDS program must engage in a summer internship between their first and second year of their graduate education.

The internship is an integral part of the MIDS program and must be relevant to the MIDS curriculum. MIDS students studying at Duke University on an F-1 visa are eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) full-time work authorization.