Message from the Admissions Chair

Dear Prospective Student,

Nicholas Eubank

Nicholas Eubank

Thank you for your interest in Duke MIDS!

This MS degree is based on a vision of data science as an inherently interdisciplinary and team-based endeavor. It borrows technical tools from a variety of quantitative disciplines and connects them to data-driven inquiry in virtually all disciplinary domains.

The data scientists we’ll graduate will have technical depth in one or more quantitative methodologies that is complemented by broad awareness of existing and emerging analytical tools and an ability to leverage technical and analytical proficiency to solve hard problems as part of a team.

Our graduates will be able to communicate effectively with those whose expertise lies in a domain area of the problem to be solved rather than in quantitative data techniques, and will be able to use critical thinking skills to cross disciplinary domains. The curriculum we offer includes interdisciplinary training within the quantitative sciences, exposure to data-driven problems in a variety of disciplines, and direct experience in interdisciplinary team-based science.

Nick Eubank
Admissions Chair

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