Data Science is Interdisciplinary

Duke University Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science (MIDS)

combines rigorous computational and technical training with field knowledge and repeated practice in critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and collaborative leadership to produce data scientists who can add value to any field.

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Why Choose Duke MIDS?

  • Experienced faculty
  • Small class sizes
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Team-based science
  • Capstone Projects

Our Students Bring a Global Perspective

“I truly enjoyed interning at Carta Healthcare. I got the opportunity to experience the startup culture and work on a variety of tasks and had amazing mentors from whom I learned a great deal about building scalable applications.”

Prajwal Vijendra, MIDS 2020

“I enjoyed going through the process of doing original research: initially casting a wide net and through exploration and investigation, narrowing it down into a topic that is interesting and relevant. Most importantly, I learned the importance of teamwork in doing research, and how great research is often built on the shoulders of a great team.”

Abdur Rehman, MIDS 2021

Alllison Young

“I began my internship at DataWorks NC with a vision of somehow bringing the strengths of data science to the world of community organizing and non-profit work. I wanted to use the rigorous data analysis techniques I was learning at Duke to add to the local conversation around chronic stress and health.”

Allison Young, MIDS 2020

“Capstone projects allow students to gain real-world experience working with non-academic stakeholders on problems they’re interested in. These projects also encourage students to think critically and apply the culmination of skills they have learned while at MIDS.”

Nathan Warren, MIDS 2021

“What influenced me the most when choosing MIDS were the international student body, the interdisciplinary nature of the program, the focus on developing both technical and domain expertise, and the possibility to study in one of the best and most beautiful universities in the world.”

Guillem Amat, MIDS 2021

“At MIDS, the interdisciplinary nature of the courses impressed me the most. Also, the flexibility around course selection, focus on team effort and the capstone project seemed really exciting. The program is not just around building technical skills, but also about developing analytical skills in general.”

Ashwini Marathe, MIDS 2021

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I chose the MIDS program for three reasons. The first one was the syllabus and the interdisciplinary perspective of the master. I felt that it was a good combination of core/fundamental courses and electives, something very different from other programs focused principally on theoretical aspects of data science. The possibility of doing an internship with real-life cases was the second reason that made me choose MIDS.

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Want to work in the field of data science? Choose MIDS. Why? Because we offer interdisciplinary training, exposure to data-driven problems in a variety of disciplines, and direct experience in...