Financing Your Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Data Science

MIDS students will typically finance their graduate education with a combination of loans, savings, family support, grants (from governments, foundations, and companies), fellowships and scholarships. Partial tuition scholarships provided by Duke MIDS are available on a limited basis and are not guaranteed. Duke MIDS encourages prospective students to research and apply to external funding sources such as the ones listed below.

We recommend you visit Duke Graduate School’s various webpages to learn more about funding and financial aid prior to your application in order to learn more about your options.

Funding from Duke MIDS

Duke MIDS is committed to having a diverse student body with a variety of backgrounds and our scholarships will reflect this commitment. Partial tuition scholarships are available. We take into consideration financial need as well as merit when awarding scholarships. There is no separate application to apply.

External Funding

External funding opportunities that have been identified are listed below. Please note that Duke MIDS is not affiliated with these opportunities and cannot answer questions on behalf of these different scholarships. Also note that many of these scholarships have due dates in December and January.