Internship Testimonials

MIDS students have been busy this summer completing their internships all over the country. They are gaining practical learning and can put ideas into practice. Our goal is for students to focus not only on tech skills, but also the soft skills necessary to be an integral part of any workplace.
Lorna Aine

Lorna Aine

Microsoft Cloud for Industry, Microsoft
Redmond, WA

“I built a model that identifies and maps relevant parts of natural language to the corresponding ISA-95 manufacturing ontology entities. I also learned how to combine traditional ML methods with LLMs to improve performance.”

Kashaf Ali

Citizens Bank
Columbus, OH

“As a Data Science Intern within the Citizens’ Enterprise Data & Analytics division, I undertook two compelling projects. In the first group project, I engaged in intricate data preprocessing and structuring, employing advanced techniques to assess the performance metrics of Citizens’ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. This effort culminated in the creation of a comprehensive and visually informative dashboard, designed to facilitate informed decision-making for organizational leaders. Transitioning to an individual project, I conducted an in-depth exploration of marketing analytics, constructing a foundational time-series regression model. This model intricately gauged the impact of marketing investments on website traffic, utilizing statistical methodologies to uncover temporal patterns and relationships. These two projects not only enhanced my proficiency in data manipulation and predictive modelling but also reinforced the pivotal role of data-driven insights in shaping strategic business trajectories.”

Nick Carroll

Denver, CO (remote position)

“I am focused on integrating their data systems and developing data validation processes to ensure they have accurate data in preparation for a customer portal.”

Beibei (Bella) Du

Tenaya Therapeutics
San Francisco, CA

“I am doing gene expression analysis using supervised methods and deep learning models. The goal is to extract insights from the transcription factors differentiated from the control and diseased group for medication development for heart diseases such as HFpEF.”

Bella Du

Andrew Kroening

US Army
Durham, NC (remote position)

“My summer internship was largely consumed with re-assembling and cleaning a historical database of fairly important information. It took way longer than I thought it would. The biggest takeaways I have so far are:

  • The skills we learned for data cleaning and manipulation throughout the Nick-Eubank-Class-Series-of-Excellence were extremely relevant. I supressed some PTSD and went back to those pages several times for help.
  • Data dictionaries and guides are critical. Understanding what data was where and in what state was extremely difficult in this project because there was no real map to assembling the hundreds of tables I was confronted with.

As we talked about repeatedly, it is critical to plan what you do before you start hacking away. The times where I was efficient, I sat down and drew out what I wanted to accomplish first.

Learn GitHub and learn it well.”

Scott Lai

Spigot, Inc.
Fort Myers, FL

“I am continuing my internship from the spring semester, and the arrangement is a hybrid one. I spend four days working in the office and one day working remotely, which has provided me with a diverse and enriching experience. At Spigot, Inc., I am deeply involved in AI development for browser extensions and chatbots, as well as machine learning data processing. Throughout this internship, I have been delving into C# and JavaScript, honing my skills in these programming languages. The exposure to various AI tools and their application in real-world scenarios has been incredibly educational and fulfilling.”

Scott Lai
Zhanyi Lin

Zhanyi Lin

Durham, NC (remote position)

“During my internship, I was presented with the opportunity to delve deep into data automation and machine learning. My roles were multifaceted, ranging from leveraging the capabilities of AWS for data automation to developing machine learning models to predict rider performance.

This internship was a holistic learning experience. Not only did I acquire significant technical skills in areas like AI and cloud computing, but I also refined my soft skills, understanding the essence of teamwork and clear communication in a professional setting. I’m thankful for this opportunity, and I look forward to leveraging these skills in future endeavors.”

Chloe Liu

Hartford, CT

“I utilized third-party data only to build Tweedie GLM and CatBoost models to help underwriters better evaluate the risk for real estate professional liability applicants.”

Chloe Liu
Paul C. McKee

Paul C. McKee

Poldrack Lab, Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA

“I am working on two fMRI neuroimaging projects. The first is a project that is reframing the Cognitive Systems component of RDoC using deep phenotyping with behavior and fMRI. The second is a project that is developing end-to-end neural network models for the dynamics of human performance on cognitive control tasks.”

Wafiakmal Miftah

CVS Health
New York, NY (remote position)

“I work with Retail Pharmacy & Customer Analytics team and learn about building a machine model for customer behavior analytics that correlates with CVS stock-up plan. This is my first experience working in an American company, so I’m learning a lot about the culture, synergy, and various business processes of the company.”

CVS Health intern group photo
Genesis Quo

Genesis Quo

H&R Block
Kansas City, MO

“I worked on market audience segmentation and a lot of clustering, data visualization, and data analysis. I learned a lot about the business process and about specific market segments and their needs.”

Heather Qiu

Ernst & Young
New York City, NY

“During my time within EY’s quantitative finance service line, I contributed to their model validation efforts for a national clearing warehouse. My daily tasks involved utilizing Python and SQL to extract and independently test data from diverse sources like Microsoft SQL Server database, Oracle, and AWS S3. Throughout the summer, I not only gained valuable insights into applying my data science skills to the financial services sector and delivering high quality results within tight timeframes, but I also honed my communication and teamwork abilities.”

Eric Rios Soderman

Data+, Duke University
Durham, NC

“We were conducting a project on figuring where people’s gaze points, registered as x and y coordinates recorded from Pupil Invisible eyeglasses, were lying on a museum piece’s reference image. In other words, we wanted the ability to say, at minute 0.5, the person looked at the female statue’s hand. We refined it over time to allow the user to tag or label the things people looked at in an image. An urn with writing is just an urn to me, but the writings might need to be explicitly separately named for analytic purposes. I got something even better. We visited a brain lab, because we are tracking eye movements, and we got to learn about a real-life human brain.”

Eric Rios Soderman
Suzanna Thompson and fellow interns

Suzanna Thompson

Atlanta, GA

“In my internship, I focused on improving stakeholder engagement by increasing the interpretability of our models using common feature importance calculations & visualizations. I also spent time creating an active learning pipeline to be implemented with current & any new models. Throughout these two focuses, my mentor & I worked concurrently to set up a MLOps standard procedure & process.”

Jiaxin Ying

Allied Millennial Partners
New York City, NY

“I mainly use Python and R language to do some data preprocessing work related to machine learning. I also needed to make some models to predict information related to the financial, economic, and business industry. My main job was to help my supervisor complete some forecasts for the financial and business market, including stocks, futures, funds, and the real estate industry. I used these relevant data and information to screen the influencing factors, to assist the leaders to make better and optimal commercial decisions. My supervisor and mentor are very friendly. They always responded to my questions timely and tutored me in some fields that I am not good at. In this internship, I used professional knowledge more skillfully and learned how to become an effective, ethical, and professional data scientist and analyst. This is an unforgettable internship experience.”

Jiaxin Ying