Become a Mentor

Our goal is to have a group of mentors comprised of some of the best data scientists in the industry. Mentorship is key to professional growth in any industry and given that many data science positions are so new, finding a mentor who understands the field is crucial for advancement. Mentoring bridges that gap, and enables students to improve their skills and understanding of using data science in business. You’ll help MIDS students acknowledge their weak points and work towards strengthening them, as well as offer constructive criticism that can help students grow and upskill. 


Duke MIDS Students talking
MIDS students working together on Project

Become a Capstone Partner

Capstones engage at least one non-academic stakeholder (such as a company, government agency, or nonprofit) and at least one Duke researcher with expertise relevant to the problem being solved. MIDS students join Capstone partnerships at the beginning of their second year and over the course of that year make substantial contributions to these real, complex projects. Project teams can be as large as necessary and can include multiple faculty members, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students, and other staff. Although students work collaboratively in Capstones, each MIDS student must achieve a specific outcome of interest for the outside party and give a final presentation with an accompanying white paper.

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Hire a Student for an Internship

Our students are required to complete a summer internship to gain practical learning and be able to put ideas into practice. MIDS students will get the opportunity to learn from you, gain experience, and build a strong professional network. Our program focuses not only on tech skills, but also the soft skills necessary to be an integral part of your summer project team.

MIDS Students