Muxin Yolanda Diao
First Name: Muxin (Yolanda)
Last Name: Diao
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: China


Yolanda believes that OR is sort of the precursor of data science with similar notions and methods, both making the world a better place by dealing with data. She's most interested in the application of data science in the healthcare field.


 Tsinghua University


Yolanda: BlackRock Internship


"I worked as a summer analyst at BlackRock, Aladdin Product Group - Aladdin Data Science Group for around 10 weeks. I've learned a great, great deal during the summer about tech skills like Go programming, Redis Database, Dask, etc. I also learned a lot about how a big company operates, how teams cooperate and met a bunch of great people. It's a wonderful experience!"

- Yolanda


Yolanda hopes to strengthen her knowledge in statistics and computer science, as well as to get to know more about the industry.