Joaquin Menendez
First Name: Joaquin
Last Name: Menendez
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: Argentina


Joaquin studied and worked as a lecturer and research assistant at the University of Buenos Aires. During those years, he gained exposure to different fields such as behavior modification and neuroscience. Throughout this fascinating journey, Joaquin realized that he would need more sophisticated tools to properly address such a complex topic as human behavior.

He decided to enroll at Duke to improve his abilities in programming, machine learning, and statistical modeling. Thus, he is a valuable asset for any group focusing on measuring, understanding and predicting behavior.


University of Buenos Aires


Joaquin and Data+
Joaquin: Data+ Internship


"I spent my summer working with the people from the Forge and Data+. During this internship, I worked with Electronic Health Records developing a baseline model to predict unplanned admission for the next year. I examined the association between social determinants and risk prediction for hospital admissions and assessed whether social determinants bias that risk in a systematic way."

- Joaquin