Jingwen Jacqueline Wang
First Name: Jingwen (Jacqueline)
Last Name: Wang
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: China


Jackie is an international student from China. She is a traveler who is passionate about exploring different places and cultures. She spent time in San Diego for high school, and in her junior year in college, she studied as an exchange student at the University of Toronto. This past winter, she traveled to Prague to volunteer. She's also been to Japan, Korea, France, and Germany.

Jackie is interested in data science, machine learning, and quantitative analysis. She enjoys self-learning through MOOCs and completing data science projects in her spare time. During Duke Datathon 2018, she led a team of 4 people to place in the Top 8. Jackie is passionate about researching the interpretability of machine learning models, which is a key point of data-driven business decisions.


Beihang University

Exchange student at the University of Toronto in Canada


Jackie Wang, Adobe
Jackie Wang, Adobe


"I had a brilliant internship experience this summer at Adobe as a Data Scientist. Adobe is an awesome company with a creative and cooperative working atmosphere. My mentor and fellow interns are really nice to talk with and I've learned a lot from them. I hope to see them again next year in Silicon Valley!"

- Jackie


Jacqueline hopes to focus on research related to Social Network/Quantitative Finance.