Duke Researcher

Have a hard data problem that requires both data science skills and specialized field knowledge? 

Consider a MIDS Capstone project!

The Duke Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science (MIDS) is seeking proposals from Duke researchers in any field whose research would benefit from deep year-long collaborations with MIDS students. 

We welcome proposals from faculty, post-docs, and other Duke researchers.

Proposed projects must:


be substantial and take at least 1 year to complete.


address an important problem and allow MIDS students to contribute meaningfully to the solution.


have an important deliverable to a non-research oriented partner or stakeholder, including a company, a government agency, an internal Duke organization or a nonprofit, who will be available throughout the year to evaluate the project. (Please contact us if you would like help identifying an outside partner!)


incorporate domain expertise from at least one Duke researcher.

Proposals will be selected based on the creativity of the problem being addressed, the data science skills the problem requires, the researchers’ commitment, and how well the proposed work aligns with the team members’ expertise, non-academic partners’ priorities, and MIDS students’ interests.

To apply, please prepare a proposal that follows the directions in the link below. Applications will be accepted on a rolling deadline.

MIDS students working on projects