Credits: 4 Credits each Semester
Fall 2 + Spring 2

Capstone Projects are one of the most critical components of the MIDS program. The goal for these year-long Capstones is for students to be integrated into world-class interdisciplinary research projects that can solve real-life problems and be significantly advanced through data science.

Capstones will have oversight from faculty in departments across Duke with research interests and expertise aligned with the project. However, each MIDS student must achieve a specific outcome of interest for an outside party (such as a company, government agency, or nonprofit) as part of the greater research and give a final presentation with an accompanying white paper about the implications of that outcome.

To ensure MIDS students complete their projects successfully, they will attend workshops and complete assignments throughout the second year that provide guidance, practice, and feedback about students’ teamwork, project management, communication plan, and overall progress in relation to the project.

The final deliverables will be evaluated by MIDS core faculty and relevant outside stakeholders on multiple dimensions including students’ ability to communicate effectively to a diverse audience, computational strategy, and creativity.

Capstone project, students showing poster sessions