Bingying Echo Liu
First Name: Bingying (Echo)
Last Name: Liu
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: China


Echo is an international student from Shanghai, China. She enjoys topology and plans to explore shapes of data using topological theories. She's also a music lover and concert goer, having increasing interests in audio signal processing and computer music.


University of Rochester


Echo Liu
Echo Liu: Toucan AI Internship, team dinner

Toucan AI

"This is a picture of our team having monthly team dinner at a delicious Szechuan restaurant. I really enjoyed working on trying out different NLP models, building front-end analytics page and saw results being deployed in real-time at Toucan AI. I'm attracted to startups because of this amazing experience working with coworkers/mentors/bosses/friends!"

- Echo


Echo's ambition is to leverage data to predict the next big act in the music industry, as well as develop algorithms for music lovers to have better song-discovery experiences in all kinds of streaming services.