Allison Young
First Name: Allison
Last Name: Young
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: USA


A North Carolina native, Allison lives in Durham, just 15 minutes from Duke.

Allison's interests include local public health capacity building, data driven decision making for local government and health services, data visualization and mapping, community health assessments, interprofessional education, healthy community planning and design, public health informatics, mental health, grief and bereavement.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Allison Young
Allison Young, Internship at Dataworks


"I began my internship at DataWorks NC with a vision of somehow bringing the strengths of data science to the world of community organizing and non-profit work. I wanted to use the rigorous data analysis techniques I am learning at Duke to add to the local conversation around chronic stress and health."

- Allison

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Allison's background is in Public Health (Health Behavior), Health Informatics, and Journalism. She is particularly interested in mental health and access to health care, as well as social determinants of health/ health disparities in general.