Welcome New MIDS Staff

Sarah Martin, Administrative Coordinator

Sarah is a Durham-native with a professional background in higher education administration. Her work has been primarily focused on international and graduate education programs, and she’s spent the last 14 years working with the Master of Science in Global Health students and other educational initiatives at the Duke Global Health Institute. She considers herself to be a lifelong learner, and surrounds herself with smart people. Learning about the field of data science as she works with MIDS students, faculty, and alumni is what is most exciting part about the position. Sarah has three kids (6, 10, 15) and has moved into a space where she’s facilitating their hobbies more than her own. They have active school and sports calendars, but in between, she likes to play games, garden, and hike in our local forests and parks.

Shanon Jacobs, Sr. Program Coordinator

Shanon hails from Buffalo, NY and has recently started making roots in Durham. Her professional experience is in business and marketing in the financial, legal, and higher education sectors. Her previous role at Duke focused on program and project management with TRIPODS, the Simons Collaborative, the Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke (iiD), and the Department of Mathematics.