MIDS Capstone Symposium

Join us as we hear from MIDS students discussing their capstone projects. Capstone projects engage our students in a year-long partnership with a non-academic stakeholder and at least one Duke researcher with expertise relevant to the problem being solved. MIDS students join capstone partnerships their second year and make substantial contributions to these real, complex projects. Although students work collaboratively, each MIDS student must achieve a specific outcome of interest for the partner and give a final presentation with an accompanying white paper.

March 31, 2023
Gross Hall

*Virtual attendance is available*
Zoom Link for 230E

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Arrival and Opening Remarks (12-12:20; Room 270)


Session 1~ Prediction (12:20-1:20; Room 270)

  1. Ranking College Soccer Teams: Arria-Boost | Rashaad Ratliff-Brown, Victor (Vicki) Nomwesigwa, Matt Dockman
  2. Explainable Financial Decisions: 2nd Order | Abhijith Tammanagari, Cheng-Pang (Tego) Chang, Weiliang Hu, Ying (Ingrid) Feng
  3. Churn Reduction: Proofpoint | Himangshu raj Bhantana, Dauren Bizhanov, Satvik Kishor, Tigran Harutyunyan


Session 2~ Environment (12:20-1:20; Room 230E)

  1. Climate Eye: Leveraging Raw Satellite Imagery: Energy Initiative | Yuting (Cindy) Chiu, Emma Mavis, Marlyne Hakizimana
  2. Mitigating Pipeline Damage: PG&E | John Owusu Duah, Minjung Lee, Shufan Xia
  3. Protecting the High Seas: Marine Lab | Athena Liu, ShiTing (Dylan) Lu, Surabhi Trivedi, Yesen Chen


Break~ (1:20-1:40; Atrium and Connection Café)


Keynote~ (1:40-2:00; Room 270)

Drug Diversion Intervention: Anesthesiology | Anna Dai, Joseph Ekpenyong, Nansu Wang, Zhihua (Robert) Wan


Session 3~ Understanding and Enhancing Engagement (2:00-3:00; Room 270)

  1. Improving pathways to COVID19 vaccine for Lupus patients: Lupus | Camilla Yu, Jaya Khan, Mohammad Anas, Yibin Zhang
  2. Enhancing medical student pathways: Duke OIT | Nancy Huang, Yaze Gao, Peining Yang, Erika Fox
  3. Distilling Customer Sentiment: Policy Genius | Deekshita Saikia, Godwin Anguzu, Lexin Lu, Michelle Van


Session 4~ Access and Fairness (2:00-3:00; Room 230E)

  1. Enhancing Access to Medical Providers: Orderly | Aarushi Verma, Grace Zhao, Haoliang Jiang, Sydney Donati-Leach
  2. Sentencing Bias in North Carolina: QSIDES | Clarissa Ache Cabello, Tianyun (Dorothy) Hou, Preet Khowaja, Chuhan Zhou
  3. Auditing the Census: Carolina Demography | Raza Lamb, Rachel Richards, Sarwari Das


Closing Remarks~ (3-3:20; Room 270)


Reception~ (3:20; Atrium and Connection)