Zhuangdie Alan Zhou
First Name: Zhuangdie (Alan)
Last Name: Zhou
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: China


Alan had several paid internships in a wide range of industries including social media, retail and insurance where she was exposed to different business contexts. During these internships, she managed to pick up information and new skills quickly and synthesize them with techniques she knew to come up with conclusions for business decisions.

She has gone through several core courses including Modeling and Representation of Data, Data Management Systems, Data Scraping and Introduction to Text Analysis, Principles of Machine Learning, Data Logic, Visualization and Storytelling. Through these courses, she learned statistical modeling, visualization, working with APIs and programming skills.

Additionally, she really enjoys working in a team and dealing with people with different personalities and life stories. She loves to be challenged and is ready to contribute herself to any task.


Shanghai University of International Business and Economics


Alan Zhou, Autodesk
Alan Zhou, Autodesk


"This is a picture of interns in San Francisco office of Autodesk on International Intern Day. Autodesk is an awesome company with amazing cultures. I feel really lucky to start my career as a Data Scientist Intern here. I built an AI process for an export compliance project in Finance Department of Autodesk applying natural language processing and machine learning. I learned to look at big pictures from a business side and dividing & conquering. Also as most of you have noticed, I made many new friends and really had a great time in San Francisco!"

- Alan


Alan loves deductive novels, from Agatha Christie to Conan Doyle, and finds it fascinating to learn the truth behind seemingly unrelated evidence.