Xuecong Emma Sun
First Name: Xuecong (Emma)
Last Name: Sun
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: Singapore


Emma is an international student from China. She moved to Singapore when she was 15 years old for high school and university, so Singapore is pretty much her second hometown. After graduation, she was adamant that she wouldn't go to the supply chain industry as most of her peers did. Emma decided to work in the completely unrelated field of media as a data analyst, analyzing media effectiveness and providing insights on clients' media investment strategy. She hopes to equip herself with more technical skills and meet like-minded peers who are passionate about data.

Emma has demonstrated working experience in delivering end-to-end analytics projects for global top companies across diverse industries such as consumer goods, dairy products, and automotive and healthcare industries. She specializes in marketing analytics, media effectiveness evaluation, media budget optimization and system/operation optimization as well as experience in building innovative tools for data-driven marketing decisions.


National University of Singapore



Emma at Kabbage
Emma: Kabbage Internship


"It was an absolute blast interning at fin-tech unicorn - Kabbage over the summer! As a data science intern, I have learned tremendously through working on multiple projects such as net cash flow prediction, credit risk modeling using web analytics and customer segmentation. Together with my team, we explored various methodologies such as time series, bayesian, classical machine learning and deep learning. What I love the most about Kabbage is its collaborative, high efficiency and entrepreneurial culture which values cross-functional communication, encourages cutting-edge innovation and supports original ideas, not mentioning the fantastic perks such as the free flow of food, snacks, and beer! Shout out to my managers and teammates who have provided me much care, love, and knowledge over the summer!"

- Emma


Emma is passionate about utilizing data in the realm of media and marketing, but equally open to find out more about other fields.