Viggy Kumaresan
First Name: Viggy
Last Name: Kumaresan
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: USA


Viggy is passionate about data science and its potential to quantify and understand human behavior. He looks to gain experience in applied statistical analysis and machine learning, primarily through investigating data in order to find unique and innovative ways to approach problem-solving. He aims to use this experience to improve evidence-based decision making and build solutions that will lead to greater equality.

Viggy previously worked for IBM Watson Health. He is interested in behavioral economics and attempting to understand the decision-making process. He feels that this lens could be particularly useful for healthcare, especially when combined with data science and machine learning.


University of Miami 


Viggy Kumaresan Internship, Google Wall
Viggy Kumaresan: Verily Internship


"Interning at Verily has been an incredible experience; I've had the opportunity to work on high-impact healthcare projects and learn from smart and experienced colleagues. The scale and culture here is simply unmatched, and every day brings a new complex challenge to tackle!"

- Viggy


Viggy has learned a lot about building predictive models utilizing different types of healthcare data, and he aims to continue this learning in the MIDS program. He's also extremely interested in entrepreneurship and working on starting his own healthcare tech company.