Sebastián Soriano Pérez
First Name: Sebastián
Last Name: Soriano Pérez
Graduation Year: 2021
Country: Mexico
Education: Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education


I was drawn to the program’s focus on diversity, teamwork, and interdisciplinary training. The MIDS program emphasizes the importance of acquiring technical and soft skills, as well as practical experience in the industry. It also provides a lot of flexibility to allow us to apply the core data science skills to any particular field.

What excites you about data science?

The ability to draw insight and understand complex trends and behaviors from large amounts of raw data to aid in an organization’s decision-making processes.

What research area are you most interested in?

I’m interested in applying data science techniques in the financial industry in Mexico. The country is facing important challenges to increase the low levels of financial inclusion among its population that could be better addressed with data science.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reading novels, keeping up with the news, playing video games, and building Lego sets.

What is one interesting fact about you?

I love grammar, languages, and learning about other cultures.