Sangseok (Joseph) Lee
First Name: Sangseok (Joseph)
Last Name: Lee
Graduation Year: 2021
Country: Republic of Korea
Education: Handong University


Since MIDS is interdisciplinary, attendance here will not only enhance my technical skills but will also broaden my analytical skills applicable in public areas which include critical thinking and problem-solving. In addition, the capstone project as a second-year program will expand my knowledge by applying it in real practice. My domain knowledge with Duke’s abundant environment for studying will lead HR data analytics to the top.

What excites you about data science?

HR analytics, known as “people analytics”, has been an important HR trend for recent years. Even though more and more HR departments understand the power of data-driven insights to improve business impact and consumer experience, we are still lacking examples demonstrating the success of HR analytics because most HR professionals do now know how to use analytical tools. With my five years of experience in the HR field, I am confident to handle questions which concern advanced analytical skills with practical application.

What research area are you most interested in?

During my work experience, I have learned that the utilization of data science can free employees from mundane and repetitive office work and has made it possible for them to focus on creative work while assigning repetitive jobs to computer technology. By dealing with the size, type, experience, knowledge and other such attributes that are essential for enhancing the overall efficiency of an organization, data science with HR will help to maximize the throughput and ensure future business success. In addition to the purpose of business success, I am also interested in people’s development. By analyzing HR data with appropriate technical tools, it could also help employees find their hidden talents and suggest career development plans. Helping employees achieve success will lead to company success; this beneficial cycle should be led by the HR department in the future.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love brainstorming ideas and making a list of them in my PowerPoint slides. Each item is transformed into a business item once a right team is set up.