Related Projects

Below is an example of the kinds of projects at Duke that have used innovative data-driven approaches to explore interdisciplinary topics. With these projects, students learn how to marshal, analyze, and visualize data, while gaining broad exposure to data science concepts, methods, and tools. The MIDS program encourages students to participate in small projects like these to hone their domain knowledge and technical expertise. 

Characterizing phenotypic evolution during the growth of human colorectal tumors. 

Analyzing the content and dissemination of images of the Syrian refugee crisis, as part of a general data-driven investigation of Western photojournalism and how it has contributed to our understanding of this crisis.

Studying the impact of diet on organ and bone growth in developing laboratory rats in an effort to provide insight into the growth dynamics of these model organisms that could eventually be generalized to inform research on human development.

Creating interactive and exploratory visualizations of ecological data. Worked with over sixty years of data collected at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (HBEF) in New Hampshire.