Jungwon Scarlett Hwang
First Name: Jungwon (Scarlett)
Last Name: Hwang
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: Republic of Korea


Scarlett has 5+ years of professional experience in bio-tech, financial industry and management consulting with practical understanding for translating data analytical insight into actional decisions for business and investments.


Yonsei University(Korea)


Scarlett Hwang Internship
Scarlett: GeneTree Research Internship

GeneTree Research

"I had an amazing experience at Genetree, where I  learned about the impact of data in the healthcare industry. Because Genetree is still in its growth phase, I also had the opportunity to work on various facets of the business from working in labs to being in discussions about data management strategy. Applying the concepts learned in class was very fulfilling, especially to see how data is transforming the company and the healthcare industry."

- Scarlett


She is interested in effectively turning business questions into data analysis, and providing meaningful business recommendations on strategy.