Joe Littell
First Name: Joe
Last Name: Littell
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: USA


Joe is originally from Tampa but has lived in North Carolina for the last five years. He's married with an amazing daughter named Ella, and a son named Robbie. His family has two dogs and two cats, so the house is always very active.

Joe has lived a relatively Bedouin lifestyle so far, never living in the same place or working the same job for too many years. Despite having a bachelor's degree in computer science, he's relatively far removed from using those skills regularly. Joe has lived throughout the United States and for a short period, overseas.


The University of South Florida



"Overall it’s been a good experience. The people here are kind and have given me a lot of leeway on what we are doing and how we are approaching things. They’ve also given me a ton of resources outside of my specific project."

- Joe


Joe decided to pursue the master's in data science because his current job leverages the products of large data sets. Previously, he ran a large enterprise of multiple different data sets from traditional telephonic national polling, social media analytics, and other inputs used to bolster government policy and programs.