Iuliia Oblasova
First Name: Iuliia
Last Name: Oblasova
Graduation Year: 2020
Country: Russia


Iuliia is an international student from Russia. For the past year, she lived in San Francisco. She spent a year working for a cruise ship company, where she traveled around the world and volunteered.

She has experience in statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization.


Ural Federal University


Iuliia Oblasova, with Jesse Baskir, Director of Quality office, and Peter Baumgartner, a data scientist from RTI's Center for the Data Science.
Julia: RTI Internship, with Jesse Baskir, Director of Quality office, and Peter Baumgartner


"I truly enjoy it! I am working with the internal data using NLP techniques such as word embeddings and topic modeling to get insights about clients' feedback on a variety of projects."

- Julia


Iuliia has always been a huge fan of math and this love was multiplied by her experiences while traveling. She hopes to use data insights for social development.