Modeling Heart Transplant Risk & Colorectal OR Utilization

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: Duke Surgery
: Health
: 2020

This project aims to explore two topics within a world-leading surgery program. For the first project, the final goal will be to productionize a system within the existing technology stack to automate surgery scheduling. The strategy to implement this system will be to use electronic health records data to build a method to predict how long specific surgeries will take (taking into account which ones are likely to have complications), and integrate this model into the system currently being used to create optimal surgery schedules given the planned procedures for a given timeframe. The second project will aid the surgery center in being on the forefront of the migrating healthcare system (from fee-for-service to value-based care). The goal is to use the findings from the first part of the project to identify the optimal procedures for a given condition that maximize patient outcomes while minimizing surgical expenses. MIDS students on this project should be interested in, or willing to learn, how to work with a diverse set of medical and technical stakeholders.