Admissions - Overview

Thanks for your interest in the Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science (MIDS) program at Duke University.

MIDS is open to all individuals who demonstrate a passion for data analysis, a mastery of analytical reasoning, an aptitude for learning quantitative and technical skills, and compelling academic or professional achievement. We welcome applicants of any age and background, including (but not limited to) recent college graduates with quantitative majors, database engineers who have been in the IT field for years, government professionals who want to integrate data science into federal or local offices, and journalists who want to incorporate data mining into their investigative skills.

Due to our comprehensive approach, our application process requires applicants with primarily quantitative backgrounds to demonstrate their commitment to excelling in the problem-solving, communication, and team-building aspects of data science. Likewise, applicants without quantitative backgrounds are asked to demonstrate their commitment to learning quantitative concepts and skills quickly through mechanisms like online classes or recommendations from colleagues with strong quantitative track records.

We provide resources for students to review and learn critical concepts and skills before beginning the core courses so that all students can begin the core courses on a level playing ground. 

For fall 2022, the deadline to apply is February 15, 2022 (prior to midnight Eastern Standard Time). Please review the application requirements before starting the application. You can also review our FAQ page to help with questions you may have about applying.

*Applications are now closed for 2021. Please check back when applications are open for 2022.

**If you have applied for MIDS 2021, please note that most interviews will take place in mid to late March and all admissions decisions will be made by March 31st. Thank you for your patience. 

When you are ready to apply, this information will guide you through the process.

Upcoming MIDS Admissions Informational and Q&A sessions: 


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