2024 Summer Internships

Our MIDS students complete a summer internship to gain practical learning and be able to put ideas into practice. Our program focuses not only on tech skills, but also the soft skills necessary to be an integral part of any professional workplace.


Ayush Gupta
New Mexico

I recently began my internship at Geolabe, working on a NASA research project. My role focuses on developing advanced Deep Learning models to detect Methane Emissions and Groundwater Depletion using satellite data. The chance to work with cutting-edge technologies like Vision-Transformers and U-Net has provided an incredible learning experience.



Prof. Chris Bail, Minling Zhou, Prof Larry Carin, Jamie Liu, Ritu Toshniwal
Durham, NC
Studying the Causal Relationship between Divergent Media Narratives and Global Conflict using Large Language Models

This internship project involves the exploration of Large Language Models (LLMs) to analyze and track these narratives across a global archive of over 150,000 media sources from 161 countries, enhancing our ability to monitor and potentially mitigate global conflicts.